From a Migratory Invasion to a Civil War

By now even the most reluctant are beginning to open their eyes.  An organized plan exists to destabilize Europe through migratory invasion. This project hails from the distant past.  In my  book from the nineties, 1900-2000 Two dreams follow one another: the construction, the destruction. (Fiducia, Rome 1990), I described this plan through the words of some of its disciples, such as Umberto Eco the writer and Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini.

Eco wrote: “In Europe today we are not faced with a phenomenon of immigration. We are faced with a migratory phenomenon […] and like all of the great migrations it will have as its final outcome an ethnic readjustment in the lands of destination, an inexorable change in customs, unstoppable interbreeding which will statistically change the skin, hair and eye colour of populations.” Cardinal Martini, on his part, considered “a prophetic choice” necessary: in order to understand that “the migratory process in act from the increasingly poor South towards the increasingly rich North is a great ethical and civil opportunity for renewal, to reverse the course of decadent consumerism in act in Western Europe.

From this perspective of “creative destruction”, I made the comment, “it would not be the immigrants that needed to integrate into European civilization, but the contrary; Europe would need to ‘dis-integrate’ and regenerate thanks to the ethnic groups which occupy it […]. It is the dream of creative disorder, of a shake-up similar to the one which gave new life to the West at the time of the Barbarian Invasions to generate the poly-cultural society of the future”.

The plan was, and remains, that of destroying the National States and their Christian roots, not in order to build a Super-state, but to create a non-State, a horrid void, in which all that has the semblance of the true, the good and the just is swallowed up in an abyss of chaos. Post-modernity is this: not a plan of “construction”, as had been the pseudo-civilization born of humanism and the Enlightenment and which afterwards resulted in the totalitarianisms of the 20th century, but a new and different utopia: the deconstruction and tribalisation of Europe.

The aim of the revolutionary process which has been attacking our civilisation for many centuries, is Nihilism; “armed nothingness” according to an appropriate expression by Monsignor Jean-Joseph Gaume (1802-1879).

The years have passed and the utopia of chaos has turned into the nightmare we are now living. The plan of Europe’s disintegration, described by Alberto Carosa and Giudo Vignelli (in their documented study The Silent Invasion. “Immigration”: resource or conspiracy?  (Rome 2002) has become an epoch-changing phenomenon. Those who denounced this plan were called “prophets of doom”. Today we hear that we are dealing with an unstoppable process, which must be “governed”, but cannot be restrained. The same was said in the 70s and 80s of last century about Communism, until the fall of the Berlin Wall showed that nothing is irreversible in history, except perhaps the blindness of the “useful idiots”.

Among these useful idiots surely to be numbered are the Mayors of New York, Paris, and London: Bill de Blasio, Anne Hidalgo and Sadiq Khan. On September 20th for the occasion of the General Assembly at the United Nations, in a letter published in the New York Times entitled Our immigrants, our strength,  they launched an appeal “to take decisive measures in guaranteeing aid and safe refuge to refugees fleeing conflicts and immigrants fleeing poverty”.

The hundreds of thousands of immigrants who are landing on our coasts are fleeing neither conflicts nor poverty. They are young and in excellent health, well-groomed, with no signs of wounds or malnutrition, as happen to those who come from war or hunger-zones. The coordinator of anti-terrorism in the European Union, Gilles de Kerchove, when speaking to the European Parliament on September 26th, denounced a massive infiltration of ISIS among these immigrants. Yet, even if the terrorists were a scant minority among them, all the illegal-immigrants that are landing in Europe are bringers of an incompatible culture to the Christian and Western one.

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